Midwest Plastics is a Premier Manufacturer of Custom & Standard Plastic Products

Our manufacturing capabilities include injection molding, thermoforming & packaging. Injection molded products include electronic housings & parts, machine parts, gears, consumer products, medical components, hardware & houseware items. Thermoformed products include machine covers, shrouds, blisters, clamshells, CRT bezels & closures, P.C. board storage & handling trays, medical trays & parts, automotive & aerospace components & point of purchase displays. Packaging services include radio frequency & heat sealing, boxing, labeling, collating, packaging & shipping.

Now Available: Face Shields

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Injection Molding

Midwest Plastics offers a wide spectrum of molding capabilities enabling us to competitively produce quality parts that are small, large, simple or complex.

  • Electronic Housing and Parts
  • Machine Parts and Gears
  • Consumer Products
  • Medical Components
  • Hardware and Houseware Items


Midwest Plastics has all the Thermoforming capabilities to meet your needs including prototype development to assist you in the design stage of your project.

  • Machine Covers and Shrouds
  • Blisters and Clamshells
  • CRT Bezels and Closures
  • P.C. Board Storage and Handling Trays
  • Medical Trays and Parts
  • Automotive and Aerospace Components
  • Point-of-Purchase Display


Midwest Plastics offers complete packaging services ranging from state-of-the-art packaging methods (such as radio frequency and heat sealing) to collating, packaging, and shipping.

  • Blisters, Cards, and Clamshells
  • Tamper Resistant Packaging
  • Assembly
  • Sorting and Collating
  • Boxing and Labeling