Tescom Hand Knobs

Mold hand knobs for a pressure regulator manufacturer. Project consists of 21 part numbers using five molds

A manufacturer of pressure regulators contracted us at Midwest Plastics Inc. to mold a series of hand knobs that would be utilized in industrial and clean room applications. Our 55 to 165 ton injection molding presses were utilized for the production of the various parts, and employed injection molding, insert molding, and multiple secondary operations. All of the parts are composed of DuPont’s brand Zytel ST801 (Nylon 6/6) resin, and required the use of multiple molds, as well as the production of multiple part numbers from a single mold. Our skilled operators produced 21 different part numbers from five molds. Completed knobs were of multiples sizes and dimensions, exhibiting both glossy and matte finishes. The tightest tolerances of ±.005 in were achieved during manufacturing. Accuracy and quality were verified with thorough visual and dimensional inspections. A required 100 % secondary inspection process was implemented to ensure shipment of quality conforming products.

50,000 to 60,000 units are produced per year for this project, utilizing a Kanban scheduling system. Within a 2 week lead time, we are able to meet multiple deadlines for differing molds. Our proven performance with this client has lead to approval for dock to stock shipping, allowing Kanban parts to bypass incoming inspections. We enjoy a long standing relationship with this local customer, and are able to provide superior customer service by personally responding to any production issues with a site visit. For more details about this Tescom hand knobs molding project, or information about our specialized production capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

Project Name & Description Tescom Hand Knobs
Capabilities Applied/Processes Injection Molding
Insert Molding
Multiple Secondary Operations
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 55 to 165 t Injection Molding Press
Overall Part Dimensions Varies
Tightest Tolerances (±) .005 in
Material Used DuPont™ Zytel® (Nylon 6/6)
Material Finish Gloss
Industry for Use Industrial
Clean Room
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed Visual and Dimensional Inspection
Volume 50,000 to 60,000 parts per year
Delivery/Turnaround Time Kanban
Less than 2 weeks
Delivery Location Midwest
Standards Met ISO